Usually the next question that we’re asked is “What is a neurostructural shift?” To best understand this condition, it’s important to understand what normal is. While no one has perfect structure, there is a normal range.

We know what a fever is because we know what normal body temperature is. We know what high blood pressure is because we know the normal range for blood pressure. Nearly everywhere you turn you see and know what certain established normals are including fire alarms and dashboard lights that tell you when things are abnormal.

Normal structure for the spine is vertical looking at it from the posterior (behind) with no lateral deviations (curves or tilts from side to side). When observing the spine from the sagittal plane (from either side) there should be 3 distinct curves present – a forward curve of the neck, a backwards curve of the mid-spine, and another forward curve of the lower spine.

Again, no one has perfect structure. If an individual has segments that have shifted more than 5mm away from normal it would constitute a structural shift that would affect their neurology – therefore it would be considered a NeuroStructural Shift. This shift puts abnormal stress on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs forcing them to undergo changes to adapt. If left without correction, permanent and irreversible damage can occur.

AHSThis is similar to the foundation of a house sinking on one side, even by as little as a couple of inches. It may not be noticeable at first, however at some point secondary issues will result like cracks in the walls, creaking floors, and windows that do not open and close smoothly.

Of course the PROBLEM is a structural shift of the house. Traditional doctors will look at managing your Secondary Conditions after they appear. This is similar to a contractor patching up the cracks in the walls, putting another nail in the creaking floor, and spraying some WD-40 in the sticking windows. Will any of these methods FIX your problem? Of course not.

What would you do if this was YOUR home? You would hire someone to repair the foundation. After that, and after a little care for your secondary conditions then your house would be good to go. This is what NeuroStructural Correction can do for your structure.