Subluxations Today I would like to venture into a topic you may or may not be familiar with. This topic is what we call, “Subluxations.” “Subluxation,” is defined as vertebrae that has been pulled out of alignment. Based on this definition all of us will experience Subluxations whether we are aware or not. We do not have to experience any major trauma, discomfort, or pain to the spine to know we are subluxated? The hope is that it does not get to that point. For example, when you think of the dentist and they ask you to follow-up with another visit to fix a filling or cavity that might not be currently bothering you, they want you to schedule a follow-up visit so they can fix it before it gets to the point of searing pain.

Often, we are unaware or forgetful of the causes of Subluxations. However, a great way to remember is to learn the three “T’s:” Trauma, Thoughts, and Toxins.

Trauma is an obvious cause of Subluxations because any kind of major accident will throw or possibly fracture bones in the body. Visiting your Chiropractor after experiencing a traumatic accident will help heal your body and rid you of excessive amounts of Subluxations, which could lead to a lot of physical pain.

Our second “T,” Thoughts is one we often overlook because we do not realize how easily our thoughts affect our bodies. When our thoughts are comprised of stressful situations, that stress manages to find its way into our body, nesting itself into our shoulders and neck. This ends up tightening muscles in and around the vertebra, causing them to pull out of place. So, watch your thoughts and try channeling your energy into something that relaxes you.

The third and final “T” is Toxins. Toxins creep into our bodies through the consumption of unhealthy foods and other chemicals we are exposed to during our day to day lives. These chemicals can consist of smoke, cleaning products, air pollen, microplastics ect. These toxins refer to our central nervous system disruptors, causing subluxations to the body.

There you have it. These are the three reasons we will find ourselves experiencing Subluxations, and why they are interferences we cannot always avoid. So, if you want some freedom from this problem, visit your Chiropractor. This will keep your body healthier, allowing you to stand up against the three “T’s.”


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