Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Corrective Chiropractic in Bluffton

There are bound to be times when your child has a playground injury, falls off their bike, or complains of a backache because of their heavy backpack. Of course, there are times when kids catch colds, the flu or suffer from other ailments. Naturally, you want to help your child feel better, and our Bluffton chiropractor can help you do just that at Corrective Chiropractic with our natural and holistic service techniques.

Not only can we help make kids feel better, our treatment methods can stave off some of those common childhood illnesses and conditions. In fact, due to increases in the prevalence of childhood diseases and ailments that are associated with spinal alignment issues, many parents are seeking out alternative care to prescription medications and traditional medicine. According to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, spinal manipulations are safe for children of any age, which is just another reason moms and dads in Bluffton, Yoder, Berne, Decatur, Montpelier, and Geneva seek out pediatric chiropractic care for their kids.

Childhood Conditions Our Bluffton Chiropractor Treats

Believe it or not, the majority of infants enter the world with a misaligned spinal column due to the time they spend in the fetal position awaiting their arrival day. In fact, many parents have their newborn seen by a Bluffton chiropractor for a spinal adjustment right after birth! According to many studies, these infant adjustments seem to help alleviate common infant issues such as colic, sleeping problems, and nursing reluctance. Because there are countless nerve endings related to the spine that must communicate with other parts of the body, alleviating spinal misalignments can relieve numerous childhood ailments.

As your little one grows and enters school, they are likely to suffer from colds, earaches, infections and experience a body ache or two along the way. These acute conditions often result from a weakened immune system or an injury, and both the body and the immune system respond well to adjustments of the spine. However, many children suffer from chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, and ADHD. Fortunately, recent studies are indicating that many kids see relief from symptoms associated with these conditions as well.

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Discover how we can help your child get through those growing pains and aches with chiropractic care using natural, holistic and pain-free techniques. Call us today at 260-353-1400 to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Our chiropractor in Bluffton at Corrective Chiropractic is pleased to offer chiropractic service to the residents of Bluffton, Yoder, Decatur, Berne, Geneva, Montpelier and the surrounding communities.