Massage and Chiropractic go Hand-in-Hand

Massage and Chiropractic go Hand-in-HandDid you know Massage therapy and Chiropractic care work hand in hand to help your body and nervous system feel and operate at their maximum ability? For this reason, our Chiropractic office offers Massage therapy in addition to Chiropractic adjustments. This allows our patients to feel their best and get the most out of their treatments.

Chiropractic focuses specifically with the bones composing the spine, while Massage gears toward the supporting muscles. If our spine is out of whack it will later cause muscular issues which can be seen in the following way.

When muscles are not properly cared for, they end up tight and fail to work efficiently, eventually causing pain and a lack of blood flow to certain areas of the body. If blood cannot flow properly tightness and soreness continue to occur, resulting in the hardening of the muscles. When this happens, it interferes with the spine’s position, pulling vertebrae out of alignment, which is when we need a Chiropractor who will move the spine back into its correct position either before or after a Massage.

Receiving Massage therapy allows the muscles to heal as blood starts flowing back into the needed areas and they discover their elasticity again. Once your muscles have loosened up it can then benefit the Chiropractor during his adjustment. Most people prefer to receive their massage prior to their adjustment because of the ease it creates for the patient and Dr. However, there are situations when patients need an adjustment first and then a massage. For example, if you recently pulled something and it is causing a muscle spasm, the Dr. can do some adjusting before you go in for your massage and recheck the problem area after.

I hope, this gives you some insight on why it is beneficial to pair Chiropractic and Massage together to get optimal healing results. I want to encourage you to check out our massage therapists, who are very educated in their field of study. They can offer two types of massages: Deep tissue and therapeutic/relaxation. Knowing which one is best for you will depend on your needs. If you need guidance as to which massage will suit you best, speak with your Chiropractor who knows your physical situation.


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