Infant Adjustments

One of the top questions we are often asked as a chiropractic office is if infants can get adjustments? 95% of the time people are shocked when we say, “yes.” Once patients find out this information, they are shocked and want to know if this is safe and why infants should get adjustments. If you are reading this and are also curious read on to discover the benefits of infant adjustments.

Babies as young as a day old have come into our office to get adjusted. We have even had expectant moms make appointments for their babies prior to birth. Especially if they are planning a C-section.

People ask why a baby would need adjustments? What most people do not realize is that the birthing process can be somewhat traumatic for a baby, depending on how tough the delivery is. The physical process often involves bending and twisting of the baby. Doctors hold babies in positions that can cause subluxations to the spine. So, it is not fair to assume babies and children do not need the same physical maintenance work adults seem to need on a weekly basis. Not only do we need to fine-tune these infants after they are born to reverse some of the physical trauma, but we also need to fine-tune them to assist the mental trauma.

Think about what a baby goes through after being pulled from its warm comfortable home inside mommy. They are forced into a world of strange people, bright lights, tons of voices, and even multiple pokes as nurses perform their tests on the infant. Talk about stress!

These stresses can then present themselves in the form of fussiness, trouble sleeping, colic, different digestive/ bowel issues, and sometimes ear infections. All these issues can be treated with regular scheduled spinal adjustments. Take note, that the spinal adjustments will not make your baby prefect. It will only reduce the number of recurring episodes your baby might be having, freeing mommy and daddy from some stress, and allowing your baby to recover and grow a bit more smoothly after leaving mommy’s womb.

Hopefully, this explains a bit more as to why it is important to have your infants and babies adjusted. They deserve to start their life out on the healthiest track possibly. So, stop by your local Chiropractor and get your infant checked. If this brings a bit of fear, do not worry. Our doctors are highly trained to take you and your infant safely through an adjustment and will make sure you feel confident in what is happening.


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