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Corrective Immunity Support Hello! It’s Corrective, coming back at you with some information that I hope will encourage you to keep up with regular adjustments, as we enter the cold months, which we like to call, “lack of vitamin D season.” Going through these season changes are not great on our bodies, throwing everything out of whack. Colds are flying from person to person and the flu is jumping from one immune system to the next. Our bodies are fighting and often struggling due to less sunlight exposure and weather changes. So, let me explain to you how our lack of sun during the cold months can impact our bodies, giving us more of a need to get adjustments regularly.

Many of us know that vitamin D comes from the sun and plays a big part in our overall moods. But do we understand how important it is for our immunity? During the colder months we are not exposed to nearly as much sun as we are when it is warm. We do not go outside a whole lot and our days are shorter. For most of us, it is dark when going to work and then dark when leaving work. It’s as if the sun has vanished from our lives. With the sun not hanging out as much we are not only fighting winter blues, we are also fighting illnesses.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your immune system in check look up your local chiropractor. Getting adjustments every two days will help keep your body functioning at optimal levels, fighting off illnesses. So, don’t let the winter blues bring down your immunity. Instead, fight it off with your favorite chiropractor and get your adjustments.


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