Corrective Chiropractic in Bluffton, IN is well versed and experienced at providing comprehensive chiropractic service to heal a wide variety of injuries and illnesses. Many people are most familiar with chiropractic care being used for back pain, but that is merely one aspect of what we do. We also diagnose and treat many shoulder, neck, knee and hip injuries that cause sudden onset of chronic pain and discomfort. Our specialty is the musculoskeletal structure, so we are experts at dealing with the range of joint pains that may result from an injury to any section of the vertebrae that runs along the spinal column.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Sometimes, if you’re simply experiencing a mild ache or pain in your back or neck, you may turn to painkillers. If the pain becomes chronic or extreme, you might eventually elect to have a surgical procedure to solve the problem. Chiropractic care seeks to greatly minimize the need for these types of artificial solutions. Our approach makes use of all-natural, non-invasive pain relief methods whenever possible. Our treatments are in-depth, hands-on, comprehensive and focused not just on alleviating your pain temporarily but also on helping you to prevent future injuries and illnesses. This integrative style of health maintenance shows you how to rely on the body’s own intuitive knack for healing itself if given the proper care and guidance. Our ultimate goal is to show our patients the multitude of health benefits inherent in choosing a more holistic-centered lifestyle.

New Patients: What to Expect

We are always thrilled to welcome new patients into our practice and to share with them our passion for chiropractic care. From the minute you walk through our doors, you can expect to be welcomed like family. Our entire staff is committed to health care excellence and we do our best to make you feel at home, answer any questions and put you at ease as you enter the start of your journey with chiropractic care.

We know your lifestyle is probably jam-packed and we want to make your visit with us as convenient and time-efficient as possible. The New Patient Center on our website serves to help save our patients time and energy by allowing them to fill out registration forms, review payment options, check and read informative articles about health and chiropractic care. Armed with your paperwork already done and a wealth of information about the chiropractic process, your visit will move along much more smoothly and swiftly.

Areas We Serve

Although we are physically by location a Bluffton chiropractor,  we also proudly serve Yoder, Decatur, Berne, Geneva, Montpelier and the surrounding areas as well.

Call Our Chiropractors Today!

Both Dr. Josh Bell and Dr. Foust are highly skilled within their chiropractic disciplines and well respected in the field. They are committed to making a positive, healthy difference in the lives of their patients by showing them the wonderful pathway to an all-natural, more pain-resistant life through chiropractic care and maintenance. Call us today at (260) 353-1400.