Natural Sciatica Treatment in Bluffton, IN

That terrible discomfort or odd loss of control in your leg or foot may originate higher up — in the spine. If a spinal misalignment, herniated disc or poor posture or other problem has produced a neurostructural shift that pinches your sciatic nerve roots, you’re most likely suffering from sciatica. This stubborn issue can severely limit your ability to function, not to mention your quality of life. The good news is that Corrective Chiropractic can provide a tremendous service to relieve your symptoms via natural sciatica treatment in Bluffton, IN.

Sciatica: A Disabling Dilemma

The term “sciatica” generally refers to impingement of the sciatic nerve roots, the major “trunks” that connect the base of the spinal cord to the sciatic nerve, the largest and thickest nerve in the leg. The sciatic nerve conducts everything you feel and every motor command you implement in your buttock, leg, and foot by branching out into an entire network of smaller nerves that serve these different structures. When its nerve roots become pinched, the flow of information is cut off or distorted — and that’s when you start to experience problems.

The most common sciatica symptom is an ache or sharp pain in the back of the leg which gets worse when you’re either standing still or sitting. Other symptoms include “pins and needles,” numbness, and instability or weakness in the muscles that control your leg function. The impingement may be caused by a herniated disc, age-related changes in spinal alignment, poor posture at work, or muscle spasms that press on nerve tissue.

Our Bluffton Chiropractor Can Provide the Right Treatment to Stop Your Symptoms

While some doctors seem fond of prescribing pain medication for every ache and pain, it’s important to realize that sciatica symptoms will recur as long as their underlying cause goes uncorrected. To achieve lasting relief, you need to address whatever is pinching the sciatic nerve. Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean having surgery to remove bits of vertebral discs or other such extreme measures. Our Bluffton chiropractor, Dr. Bell, performs a detailed evaluation to identify the neurostructural shifts behind your sciatic nerve root compression. Chiropractic adjustments can then take the pressure off of the nerve tissue, relieving that annoying ache, pain, tingle or weakness, while massage therapy can relax and loosen tight muscles that may be compressing nerve tissue.

Here at Corrective Chiropractic, relieving your sciatica isn’t the only service we provide — we can also help you keep that sciatica from coming back. Periodic wellness adjustments and ongoing lifestyle changes, from corrective exercises to adopting smarter ergonomic and postural habits, can help you keep your spinal structures in their proper place so your sciatic nerve won’t suffer future impingement.

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