Most people are familiar with the feeling of a joint ache or a strained muscle. Arthritic conditions basically become a chronic or intermittent struggle with those types of pains. With chiropractic care, we focus on relieving the associated pain of arthritic joints while also teaching our patients exercises that can be done in our office as well as at home in between visits. These exercises are aimed at maintaining joint flexibility and building strength, which ultimately helps to slow the progression of wear and tear, increases mobility and reduces the discomfort of arthritis.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is essentially built around the philosophy that good health is most optimally achieved from the inside out. Chiropractors don’t look for just the obvious, surface level of injury or illness — their goal is to dig deeper in order to uncover the root cause of the problem. In taking this approach, illnesses can be healed in a more organic way, that takes ALL contributing factors into consideration. Physical injuries and illnesses are often exacerbated by psychological and emotional concerns that, when not successfully addressed, can hinder the healing process. By treating the “whole” person and allowing the body to rely on its own innate ability to heal itself, chiropractic care sets up a system of long-term healing and health maintenance, instead of just providing a temporary band-aid.

The Corrective Chiropractic Difference

If you’re looking for a highly experienced and skilled Bluffton chiropractor, you’ve discovered the right place. Corrective Chiropractic in Bluffton, IN is lead by Dr. Josh Bell, who, along with the entire team at the office, is committed to a caring, comprehensive and “whole-person” approach to good health. Dr. Bell deeply understands that, in most cases, hands-on, all-natural treatments for chronic aches and pain work infinitely much better than the pain-masking medications and cumbersome surgical interventions that are routinely offered in Western medicine. In addition to this passion for natural health maintenance, Dr. Bell has special certifications in wellness and can perform the Webster technique for prenatal visits, making Corrective Chiropractic a great choice in complementary healthcare for the whole family!

New Patients

We love welcoming new patients into our practice and we proudly service the communities of Bluffton, Yoder, Decatur, Berne, Geneva, Montpelier and the surrounding areas with high-quality chiropractic care.

We deeply value our patients’ time and want to make your visit with us a satisfying experience from the time you walk through the doors of our office. With this in mind, we encourage you to visit our online New Patient Center to fill out forms, see payment options, review insurance information and read helpful resource articles that give more details about the benefits of choosing chiropractic care. The New Patient Center was designed to help educate you as well as to save you time and get you in more quickly to see the doctor for your pain-relieving chiropractic adjustments.

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